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    The Islamic Online University is trying to facilitate the obligation of seeking of knowledge as much as possible. And thus granting everyone the amazing opportunity to study from anywhere at any time. As long as you have computer device and internet connection, you are ready to learn.

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    Exam Center Close to Your Home

    The Islamic Online University provides students with the list of the IOU approved exam centers for final examination. Students can choose the one nearest to them. If there is no exam center in your city or if you would prefer one at a lesser distance, you can suggest for approval center of your choice even if you are the only person taking exams in it.

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    Affordable Education

    The Islamic Online University is committed to provide students with quality and affordable education from anywhere in the world. Therefore, IOU offers the world’s first tuition-free degree program in Islamic Banking and Economics.

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    High Quality Education

    Islamic Online University students have the opportunity to learn under renowned Muslim scholars from all over the world. They are here to share their knowledge with IOU students while guarding the correct Islamic principles.

  • Student support

    Student Support

    Student Affairs Department and live chat assistance has been set up by Islamic Online University for the benefit of students. It provides individual support to students on various study-related issues.

B.Sc. in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (B.Sc. IBE)

The Islamic Online University presents the world’s first tuition-free Bachelor’s Degree program in Islamic Banking and Economics. This degree opens the door to a possible career in an exciting, expanding and beneficial field, and is a stepping stone for further studies.

“Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest.” (Qur’an, 2:275)

In today’s world flooded with interest based transactions, unlawful bank contracts and investments the need for Islamic banking is increasing. Many countries have recently seen a rise in demand for Islamic banking services. Analysts expect that at the current rate of expansion, in the next 8 to 10 years the Islamic banking network in the UAE will overtake the conventional banking system.

Job opportunities within the Islamic banking field are also on the rise. According to a study by A.T. Kearney, one of the world’s largest management consulting firms, “up to 30,000 new Islamic banking jobs will be required in the Gulf States within the next decade.”

While the Middle East still offers growth opportunities there is big potential for growth in countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and countries from North Africa and Central Asia which have a substantial Muslim population.

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