• Quality Education

    The Islamic Online University wants to ensure quality and high standard of education. Therefore, IOU provides for the benefit of students globally known Muslim scholars from the various fields of Islamic studies and Islamized modern disciplines.
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  • Knowledge at Your Fingertips

    The Islamic Online University provides a magnificent opportunity to fulfil Islamic obligation of seeking knowledge while being anywhere in the world, without the need to travel overseas or even leave the comfort of their homes.

  • Flexible Study

    The Islamic Online University presents to the students MAIS program that is organized, structured, flexible and customized. It does not get any more convenient than this!

  • Exceptional Assistance for Students

    The Islamic Online University has set up Student Affairs department and live chat assistance for the benefit of students. The Student Affairs department also provides individual support to students on various study-related issues and helps them to choose the right study plan.

  • Exam Center Next Door

    The Islamic Online University provides students with the list of the IOU approved exam centers for final examination. Students can choose the one nearest to them. However, if there is no exam center close by, students can suggest for approval center of their choice even if they would be the only person taking exams in it.

  • Easy access

    Computer access and internet connection is all you need to be able to join and study with Islamic Online University. Don’t leave the comfort of your home and still receive MA degree in Islamic Studies.

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  • Seeking Knowledge Is Now Easy

    The Islamic Online University is trying to facilitate the obligation of seeking knowledge as much as possible. We are proud to present various programs to choose from: BA in Islamic Studies, IOU Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies, BA in Psychology, BA in Islamic Banking and Economics, BA in Education, Intensive Arabic Program and MAIS accredited degree.

  • Tuition Free Islamic Studies Program

    The Islamic Online University offers the world’s first tuition-free degree program in Islamic studies with a modest semester registration fee ranging from US $80-$240 based on the student’s country of residence.

  • In the Footsteps of Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)

    All renowned Muslim scholars chosen by Islamic Online University to teach and guide IOU students are following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and the correct understanding of Qur’an as practised and understood by the early generations of rightly guided Muslim scholars
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MA in Islamic Studies (MAIS)

The Islamic Online University (IOU) has launched the world’s first tuition-free Master’s degree in Islamic Studies program, which is offered completely online and in English as a medium of instruction. This is an excellent opportunity for the BA students to continue, further, and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the religion.

This graduate program consists of 18 courses, three semesters of six subjects each, and the master’s thesis in the fourth semester. The regular duration of the program is two years. Nevertheless, students may complete it within one and half years minimum. One can take a maximum of six years to complete the program.

In general, higher education will enable students to expand their knowledge and skills, and be more effective and eloquent in speech and writing. For those who wish to enter the working field, higher education is a great asset in acquiring valuable and respected positions.

To be specific, higher education in Islamic studies will provide the opportunity to earn beneficial knowledge that will enable one—by the will and mercy of Allah—to perfect their religion, and obtain the pleasure of Allah by seeking and spreading knowledge of His religion. It is, in fact, one of the ways to gain sadaqa jariya (continuous rewards). It is evident that the more one knows, the more one can share. And the more one shares, the more one can gain which enables to reach higher levels of paradise.

The knowledgeable and the ignorant is never the same in the eyes of Allah as He says (interpretation of the meaning), "Say, 'Are those who know equal to those who do not know?'" (Qur’an, Az-Zumar 39:9)

Furthermore, Muslims are encouraged to pursue perfection in any action. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Indeed, Allah loves that whenever any one of you does something, he or she does it in the best way." (At-Tabarani)

Hence, pursuing the MA in Islamic Studies at IOU is a golden opportunity  to implement this prophetic saying. You are cordially welcome in the wonderful journey of “Changing the nation through Education.”

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