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Welcome to the path of tuition-free, authentic, Islamic, and Islamized higher education. Here, you will begin the online application process. After completing this part, you should complete step two, which consists of sending all of the required documents to our admissions office by post. (see here for details)

Below are the dates you should keep in mind while registering:

Registration Dates

Registration is open year round though we advise you to register right away. You will be enrolled in the current semester if the enrollment deadline has not passed. If the enrollment deadline has passed, you will be enrolled in the following semester.

Please see below for enrollment deadlines.

Semester Dates and Enrollment Deadlines

The semester starts at fixed periods every year.

Early Registration Period:
Spring: beginning of October to mid-February
Fall: beginning of April to mid-August

Regular Registration Period:

Spring: mid-February to mid-March
Fall: mid-August to mid-September

Late Registration Period:

Spring: mid-March to end of March
Fall: mid-September to end of September

Registered students will be sent the exact dates of each semester a couple of weeks before the semester starts.

Register now. Please click here to go to the online registration form

Before you start the registration process, ensure to have the required scanned documents ready on your PC.

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