Your ZAKAH Donation Can Provide Educational Scholarships--A Reward for both the Giver and Recipient!

Islamic Online University wishes to “open its virtual doors” and extend the opportunity of higher education to as many people globally as care to pursue a degree. However, the fact remains no matter how minimal the cost of education, there will still be individuals who just do not make enough money to live and also pay for education. As Muslims, this should represent no problem. We are obligated to give zakat and encouraged to give even more in charity (sadaqah).

So IOU, in its mission to “Change the Nation through Education” also opens up the doors of opportunity to YOU to join us in this mission. 

When you donate your ZAKAH payment to IOU, it is used 100% in the scholarship program. While IOU has received a fatwa stating that zakah donations can be used by IOU for all of its general operations, at this time IOU chooses to use the zakah donation ONLY for the scholarship program.

The fatawaa and evidences on which this decision is based may be seen below

Arabic Version

English Translation

It is IOU’s goal that any student with a legitimate need who applies to IOU for a scholarship should receive one. This can only be done through YOUR help! The donation of your zakah payment to be used for the scholarship fund helps you to complete this obligation to Allah easily and on time as well as helps Muslims globally to:

  1. Learn CORRECT Islamic knowledge
  2. Change their own lives based on this knowledge
  3. Spread this knowledge to those around them who also may not be aware of the practices they are doing that are not actually from Islam.

And may Allah count it for you in your scales of good deeds. Ameen.

To donate via credit/debit card or PayPal account, CLICK the PayPal icon.

Please note there is a transaction fee by PayPal.

If you would like to opt for direct bank transfer to our primary account in Malaysia, please write to the Help Desk at for the account details, and our officers will assist you through the process in shaa Allaah.